Reasons why FOIS Vietnam continues to be chosen

FOIS ICT PRO VIETNAM (hereinafter referred to as FOIS Vietnam) provides website creation (WEB creation) in Vietnamese for companies entering Vietnam. Our company has a large number of website creation achievements in Vietnam and Japan. In particular, FOIS Vietnam has bases in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam, and conducts local research on Vietnamese national characteristics, usage devices, browsers, targets, etc., to provide the most suitable website for Vietnam. In addition to creating Vietnamese websites, we also create EC sites, develop systems, and create pamphlets and flyers, so please feel free to consult and inquire.

Combining experience in Vietnam and Japan to create an effective website tailored to the Vietnamese market

Optimal WEB creation for Vietnam


Creating a website that is optimal for Vietnam

Reflecting on-site research centered around Ho Chi Minh City on the website

Reflecting on-site research centered around Ho Chi Minh City on the website

Even if you have experience in website creation in Japan, it may not necessarily be applicable overseas. If you create it with the same sense as in Japan, design etc. may not be understood overseas. At FOIS, which has a base in Vietnam, we will research the content of the production site and create it after understanding the national and regional characteristics of Vietnam, so please rest assured. We have a track record of creating Vietnamese websites, including corporate sites, medical-related sites, and school sites. We have received voices saying that we received many job inquiries for production sites and we are grateful.

Planning to enter Vietnam in the future. First, I want to keep the initial investment amount as low as possible…

Vietnamese WEB production from about 300,000 yen


WEB sites from 100,000 yen including tax

Templateize sites that have been effective in Google search engine !!

Templateize sites that have been effective in Google search engine !!

Even if you implement SEO measures, it will cost more than usual, but it is possible to provide it at a significantly reduced cost by making sites with a proven track record into templates. You can also change the design from the template, so we will provide you with the best website production according to your budget. Of course, if you want to create it from scratch considering the effect of SEO, please consult us first.

Thinking about advancing into Vietnam, worried because I don’t understand the language…

Flexible meetings at Japanese and Vietnamese bases and handling of yen / VND


OK in Vietnamese or Japanese

We support both languages. There is no language barrier!

We support both languages. There is no language barrier!

Both the Japanese base and the Vietnamese base have Japanese and Vietnamese staff stationed, so there is no inconvenience such as language barriers. We have bases in Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, so it is possible to have meetings at your desired location. We also accept interpretation and translation requests. We also accept payment in yen or VND. Please let us know your preferred currency when creating an estimate.

Starting a new business in Vietnam, not only website creation but also want to create company information and other printed materials…

Supports total design from website to sales promotion materials!


WEB to print material can be created together

We will design everything from websites to sales promotion materials

We will design everything from websites to sales promotion materials

When starting a new business in Vietnam, you will need various sales promotion materials such as a website (WEB site), company logo, business cards, pamphlets, etc. It is troublesome to ask different companies for each medium and it will be difficult to unify the image. At FOIS Vietnam, we will provide total support from creating websites (WEB sites) to creating paper media sales promotion materials.

If you entrust us with production all at once, we will also give you a discount. Also, by proceeding with each medium in parallel, we can provide it in a shorter delivery time than ordering separately. We also handle various services such as server management and Google information management at once.

Solve the problem of [I don't know where to inquire...]

Managed by FOIS Vietnam

Please consult FOIS Vietnam for anything when you are in trouble. Billing can also be unified for easy understanding.

I want to attract more customers, but I don’t know what to do. Should I send DM? Should I disseminate on SNS? Where should I start? What should I do if the email doesn’t arrive? There are situations where you don’t know which company to consult with, and we have received more consultations at our company. Please consult with FOIS Vietnam not only for website production but also for printing support, server management, email management, Google information management, system development, etc. in one package.