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What is an LP (Landing Page)?

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When considering building an EC site or creating a website, you may often come across the term LP (Landing Page). So, what exactly is an LP?

This time, we’ll explain in detail the definition of a landing page and its production benefits. Please use it as a reference for your EC site construction or website creation project.

What is an LP (Landing Page)?

An LP (Landing Page) refers to “a single web page designed to achieve a specific purpose or action.”

It’s used as a critical tool to evaluate the success of web advertisements and promotional campaigns, leading visitors to take action.

As all the information about a product, company, or service is compiled on one web page, it specializes in guiding users to take actions such as making inquiries.

Benefits of a Landing Page

Specialized in Acquiring Conversions (CV)

A landing page specializes in acquiring conversions (the final results that are the goals of operating a website). By limiting links to other pages, it can direct visitors to specific actions. Therefore, it minimizes the choices users have through the landing page and guides them to conversions.

▪️Examples of Conversions

1. Product Purchase: Purchasing products on an online shopping site.

2. Registration or Sign-up: Registering for a website or app, or subscribing to a mailing list.

3. Inquiry: Submitting questions or requests via an inquiry form.

4. Download: Downloading apps, files, documents, etc.

5. Social Media Share: Sharing content on social media.

6. Video View: Watching online videos.

7. Page View: Viewing specific pages.

8. Ad Click: Clicking on web advertisements.

Conversions are important for measuring the success of businesses and websites. They represent the process of converting visitors from mere viewers to actual customers or leads, helping evaluate the effectiveness of websites and apps. Increasing conversions is typically a goal of digital marketing, which can lead to increased revenue. Optimizing the conversion rate (the ratio of conversions to visitors) is an essential part of digital marketing strategies.

Cost-Effective Production

Landing pages are relatively inexpensive to produce because they condense all the information onto one web page. The cost varies depending on how much information is packed in and the quality desired.

Freedom in Design

Landing pages offer high freedom in design. Since landing pages typically don’t require links except to content, you can customize a single page freely. Landing pages are suitable for designs that pack a lot of information, like flyers or posters, not just text-based content.

High design freedom allows you to differentiate from competitor sites and give visitors an attractive impression. To effectively utilize landing pages, focus not only on text but also on creating appealing designs.

For Landing Page Production, Choose FOIS ICT PRO Vietnam

With FOIS Vietnam’s landing pages, you can create one page for approximately 300,000 yen. We will propose based on the content goals of your website. Additionally, we can offer proposals tailored to your budget, so feel free to consult with us.

▪️About FOIS Vietnam’s Landing Pages

About FOIS ICT PRO Vietnam

FOIS ICT PRO Vietnam has extensive experience and expertise in website creation (website construction) and EC site construction. We will create an original website tailored to your needs. From design to development, SEO measures, and maintenance, we provide comprehensive support to maximize the potential of your business website.

Please feel free to contact us with any requests, questions, or quote requests. Our dedicated staff will respond promptly. Consultations are available in Japanese, English, and Vietnamese.

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