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Explanation of Web Marketing and Digital Marketing in Vietnam

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Thank you for always using the FOIS Vietnam (Vietnamese Website Development Company) website. This time, we will introduce you to the basics of web marketing and digital marketing in Vietnam.

Source: Statista

Internet Usage in Vietnam

Number of Internet Users in Vietnam

According to World Bank statistics, as of 2019, the proportion of internet users in Vietnam reached 68.7% of the population, with approximately 65.26 million internet users in Vietnam. In addition, there are about 13.8 million broadband subscribers, of which about 12.8 million are connected via Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Major telecommunication companies include VNPT, Viettel Telecom, and FPT Telecom.

Trends in Mobile Phone and Smartphone Ownership

As of 2019, mobile phone ownership in Vietnam has exceeded 95%. In particular, the proportion of smartphones among mobile phones is high at 84%, and this trend is particularly noticeable in urban areas. However, smartphone usage has also been expanding in rural areas in recent years.

Looking at the number of mobile subscriptions, as of 2019, there were already 136.23 million subscriptions, which means that there is more than one mobile phone per capita in Vietnam.

Prepaid Subscribers Predominate in Vietnam

The mobile phone subscription rate in Vietnam has reached 148%, and this high number is due to the fact that the majority of mobile phone users have prepaid contracts. It is common for many people to own multiple SIM cards.

Furthermore, the average daily internet usage time in Vietnam is very high at 7 hours. Interestingly, many internet users do not own a PC and enjoy the internet using smartphones.

Google is the most widely used search engine in Vietnam, with its share reaching over 95% in 2018. There are also Vietnamese-born search engines such as Vinaseek, Socbay, Xalo, and Monava, but they have not yet caught up with Google.

Popular Social Networking Services (SNS) in Vietnam

The most popular SNS in Vietnam are Facebook and Zalo.

Facebook – Most Popular SNS in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the most widely used SNS app is Facebook. YouTube and Messenger also have high usage rates according to survey results. Facebook usage is very active in Vietnam, and Messenger is widely used for messaging. Moreover, Messenger is used as an important tool for business communication and is valuable for both personal and corporate information dissemination, making it a highly valuable platform for business expansion. It is also widely used as a recruitment tool.

Similarly, in digital marketing and e-commerce, C2C sales and live commerce through Facebook are actively conducted in Vietnam.

Zalo – Vietnamese SNS

“Zalo,” born in Vietnam in 2012, is an SNS platform that combines LINE and Facebook-like features. This platform features group chat functionality, the ability to search for nearby Zalo users, and the ability to send voice messages up to 5 minutes long.

According to Zalo’s data, the penetration rate of Zalo in Vietnam is over 80%, and the number of users has already reached 80 million. Zalo is gaining attention as a super app with diverse features in addition to basic functions such as voice calls, chats, live streaming, and news feeds. It offers a wide range of services for free, such as sending voice messages, shopping, reserving tickets and passes for transportation, booking accommodations, conducting bank transactions, and paying various fees (water, electricity, internet), making it an indispensable tool for the people of Vietnam.

In addition, Vietnamese SNS users tend to prefer communication via voice, which is why Zalo, which has a rich voice function, has become popular in recent years. Furthermore, live commentary via video is also very popular.

Market Size of Online Advertising in Vietnam

The online advertising market in Vietnam is expanding year by year. In 2019, it reached approximately $450 million, with Facebook and Google holding a large share of this market.

In particular, the smartphone advertising market has been growing rapidly in recent years. According to the “2020 Vietnam Mobile and Smartphone Application Report” released by Appota Group, which specializes in digital entertainment industry solutions and platforms, the size of Vietnam’s smartphone advertising market is expected to reach $211 million by the end of 2020, $227 million in 2021, and $236 million in 2022.

Vietnam’s smartphone advertising market ranks sixth in the Southeast Asian region in terms of size, and the proportion of smartphone advertising expenditure in total digital advertising expenditure is over 60%. In response to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the phenomenon of increased internet usage is not only seen in Vietnam but also in other countries, leading to a growing trend of companies strengthening digital advertising and promotions.

Source: Voice of Vietnam, October 28

Key Points for Successful SNS Marketing in Vietnam

Understanding Vietnamese Characteristics and Preferences

Vietnamese internet users place great importance on communication with family and relatives. SNS plays an important role as a tool for reporting and confirming the current situation between parents and children, siblings, and relatives who live apart.

Furthermore, it is said that some people from rural areas do not have many childhood photos because there were no cameras at home when they were children. Therefore, preserving the growth of children through photographs holds special significance, and sharing photos through SNS may be common.

While valuing communication with family and friends, SNS platforms in Vietnam, such as Facebook and Zalo, also have matching features, showing a relatively open attitude towards meeting new people. Such diverse forms of communication may contribute to the high usage rate of SNS in Vietnam.

Operating Official Accounts on Popular SNS in Vietnam

If you are considering SNS marketing in Vietnam, start by choosing the most popular SNS platforms in Vietnam (e.g., Facebook, Zalo) and create official company accounts on those platforms. After creating the accounts, produce original content that interests users and actively engage with followers to increase user engagement through activities such as replying to comments and giving likes.

As a successful example of a company using SNS, Coca-Cola in Vietnam utilized Zalo and introduced original stickers for marketing. As a result, sales increased by 30% compared to previous campaigns.

Utilizing Vietnamese Influencers

Vietnamese people, who value connections, often refer to word-of-mouth and reviews when making purchases. Moreover, over 70% of users who have seen influencer ads have purchased the same product, making influencer marketing an effective market in Vietnam.

Given this background, marketing utilizing Vietnamese influencers, who are easy to relate to, can be effective.


Vietnam has one of the highest SNS usage rates in the world and, coupled with its young population, is a highly vibrant market.

Digital marketing trends change rapidly, and strategies that were effective a few months ago can become outdated in an instant. Especially in Vietnam, where there are many young internet users, SNS trends may change rapidly. Therefore, when considering an approach to the Vietnamese market, it is important to collaborate with experts who are familiar with local culture and trends. It is recommended to actively consider SNS marketing when entering the Vietnamese market.

For Companies Considering Web Promotion and Vietnamese Website Development for Expansion into Vietnam

FOIS Vietnam specializes in website development (web design) and offers proposals for web promotion tailored to your needs. We provide comprehensive support from design, development, SEO measures, Vietnamese translation, SNS promotion, to maintenance, offering websites that maximize your business potential.

Please feel free to contact us for any requests, questions, or estimates. Our dedicated staff will respond to you promptly.


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