Introducing FOIS Vietnam's services

We provide services for creating printed materials such as company profiles, product brochures, and flyers. From design to printing, we can swiftly handle all aspects of the process. Additionally, we accept orders for design-only or printing-only services, so please feel free to consult us for any DTP-related needs you may have.

Brochure and Flyer Production


For Vietnamese brochure and flyer production, chooseBrochure and Flyer Production

  • Want to create a company profile for Vietnamese operations
  • Want to distribute flyers next week
  • Urgently need business cards
  • Considering the production of various printed materials
  • Uncertain about DTP, so want to leave everything to us

Brochure and Flyer Production in Vietnamese

We’ll propose effective printed materials!

Despite the prevalence of the web, the effectiveness of printed materials should not be underestimated. If you want to update your old brochure or need a new flyer for a new business, entrust FOIS Vietnam. We offer meetings in both Japanese and Vietnamese for close communication and optimal proposals for clients. We handle all types of printed materials, so please share your ideas with us!

FOIS Vietnam caters to various printed materials!

  • For Information Delivery


    For displaying a lot of information like company profiles, brochures are recommended. We adjust the number of pages according to the amount of information.

  • For Attracting Customers


    For localized promotions, flyers are effective. We propose designs that grab attention and lead to customer attraction.

  • First Impressions Matter

    Business Cards

    As an introduction item, business cards are like your “face”. With well-organized designs, they leave a good impression on recipients.

  • Your Company’s Identity

    Logo Creation

    Shape your company’s image. Our specialists will listen carefully to your story and bring your company’s vision to life.

  • Image Enhancement

    Character Design

    If you have a mascot, it can be an accent in brochures or signs. Characters contribute to increasing your company’s visibility.

  • Boost Your Sales

    Portrait Drawing

    Using portrait drawings on business cards or websites grabs attention and makes you memorable, making it an ideal sales tool.

A4 Double-Sided Color Flyers from 90,000 yen (excluding tax)!

The production fee varies depending on the number of pages

and content, but we can handle various sizes of printed materials. The listed services are just examples. We are flexible and can accommodate your needs, so feel free to consult with us.

Examples of Printed Material Production

  • A4 Double-Sided Color Design + 100 Printed Copies of Flyer

    90,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • A4 Brochure (8-Page Booklet) + 100 Printed Copies

    400,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • Logo Data Creation

    20,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • Portrait Drawing (1 piece)

    10,000 yen (excluding tax)

* The above are examples of printed material production. Please contact us for more information.

If you also want to create a website simultaneously with printed materials…Starting from 580,000 yen (excluding tax), check out our High-Quality Template Website Production Plan.

For those who wish to request/consult about Creating brochures and flyers


We can handle both Vietnam and Japan. Please feel free to contact us!


Japan contact

(052) 569-5750

[Business hours] 9:30-18:30 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


Vietnam contact

(84-28) 7307-8885

[Business hours] 9:30-18:30 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)