Introducing FOIS Vietnam's services

We have been involved in various system development projects, including web-based systems, cloud services, and applications for smart devices. We dedicate our efforts to developing products that meet the needs of our customers. As part of our commitment to problem-solving, we offer support in system and application development projects, as well as providing on-site development services.

System Development


If you’re considering system development for your Vietnam business, think System Development

  • Do you want to overhaul your current system?
  • Do you want to automate tasks done manually?
  • Do detailed specifications not convey well in Vietnamese, requiring meetings in Japanese?
  • Do you want to customize packages for use?
  • Do you need consultation for system implementation?

Systematize Your Vietnam Business for Smooth Operations

Want to streamline your Vietnam business with System Development!

Do you have tasks within your core operations that are done manually? How about automating those with system development? Introducing a system can eliminate errors, streamline operations, and offer various benefits. As each client has unique requirements, our engineers will conduct thorough discussions to provide the most suitable solutions.

From WEB Systems to Applications

  • First Steps to Realization

    Planning & Proposal

    We’ll listen to your requirements and propose systems that solve your business challenges. Let’s start with a discussion.

  • Solid Technical Expertise


    We’ll bring your requirements and proposals to life. With our extensive development experience, we deliver solutions that meet your needs.

  • Comprehensive Support

    Operation & Maintenance

    Our support extends beyond delivery to post-implementation support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Across Various Fields

    Rich Portfolio

    We have experience in various fields such as developing healthcare web apps and corporate contract billing systems.

  • Organized Support

    Management Structure

    We adopt an organized support approach rather than individual management to improve quality.

  • Tailored to Your Business

    Package Solutions

    FOIS Vietnam provides package software and offers customization to suit your needs.

Partial Showcase of System Development Achievements

At FOIS Vietnam, we’ve been involved in numerous projects, primarily focusing on open-web systems for inventory management, production management, and order management. In recent years, we’ve expanded into web promotion services and app development for smart devices. Below are some examples of our development achievements. For more information, please contact us.

Development Achievements

  • Healthcare Web App Development

    Workload: 11 person-months, Language: Java, PHP, Overview: New construction and improvement of healthcare web systems.

  • Data Migration for Retail Core Systems

    Workload: 10 person-months, Language: Oracle/SQL, Overview: Rewrite of data configuration for package product.

  • Corporate Contract Billing System Development

    Workload: 15 person-months, Language: Java, Overview: Revision of contract billing system for corporate lease vehicles.

For more information on system development, please contact us for detailed explanations.

For those who wish to request/consult about System development


We can handle both Vietnam and Japan. Please feel free to contact us!


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