Introducing FOIS Vietnam's services

Recommended services for those looking for Vietnam inspection or on-site interpretation/translation in Vietnam.
If you are looking for a company to provide Vietnamese interpretation/translation guides for business, negotiations, speeches, or seminars, please feel free to contact us.
For those too busy to schedule meetings, video calls are also available.

Vietnam Inspection/Local Interpretation Introduction


If you’re interested in Vietnam inspections or looking for Vietnamese language interpreters/ translators/guides, check out our Vietnam inspection/local interpreter introduction service.

  • Want to hear the voices of executives who are active in Vietnam!!
  • Interpreters familiar with local information
  • Want to inspect Vietnam
  • Arrange Vietnamese interpreters locally
  • Companies that can have meetings in Japan or Vietnam are preferred for those who are too busy to schedule meetings.

I want to inspect Vietnam, and I want to hire an interpreter in Vietnam.

We offer inspection and language services for entering Vietnam!

For those who are thinking of entering Vietnam but do not have expertise or experience in overseas expansion.
We have prepared a recommended Vietnam inspection service for those who want to enter Vietnam. We will share successful and unsuccessful examples of various companies that are active in Vietnam and provide insights into expansion.
Next, we have also prepared a local interpreter/translation introduction service for those who are looking for interpreters for business meetings, negotiations, speeches, and lectures in Vietnam. We will support you by providing high-quality interpretation services.

At FOIS Vietnam, we support those who are expanding into Vietnam!

  • Solving various customers’


    We will provide business coordination tailored to the industry from a network with experienced local companies familiar with know-how.

  • Meetings and contracts

    Bilingual support

    We have staff who can speak both Japanese and Vietnamese, so we can support you in both Japan and Vietnam.

  • Real local information

    On-site inspection

    We have a deep network with business owners in various industries, so it is possible to hear real local information about business and life.

  • Vietnamese ⇔ Japanese

    Translation support

    We will handle translations such as regular contacts, emails, negotiations, explanations, reports, speech manuscripts, websites, and various manuals between Vietnam and Japan.

  • Recommended for business

    PR and distribution

    We will translate company products, services, etc. into Vietnamese and promote them effectively in media such as magazines, TV, newspapers, websites, and SNS.

  • Time-saving

    Interpreter arrangement support

    If you inform us of the date, place, conference content, and type of conference, we will propose interpreters and the number of interpreters according to your budget and business content.

You can hear success stories and failure stories of local Japanese companies
Inspection plan is available for 84,000 yen (excluding tax)!

This is a recommended plan for those looking for a low-cost and high-cost-effective Vietnam inspection.
It is a plan with a dense inspection with a small number of people, and you can listen to “success stories and failure stories” of local companies in various industries such as not only local IT companies but also restaurants, comprehensive consultants, personnel, and accounting, so it is a plan with high satisfaction.

Company inspection visit destinations

  • IT companies

    Offshore development companies, portal site operating companies

  • FOIS Vietnam (IT)

    Inspections of offshore development sites, etc.

  • Management consulting

    License acquisition, local business environment, background, etc.

  • Accounting office

    About the local business environment

  • Personnel company

    Issues related to personnel in Vietnam

  • Real estate lease

    About local properties and real management environment

  • Magazine publishing

    Local advertising conditions and corporate entry trends, etc.

  • Security company

    Local risk measures, security environment, etc.

* Other inspections such as restaurants, manufacturing, factory areas, interior decoration, and service industries can also be arranged according to your request.

If you want to create a high-quality template…
From 580,000 yen, you can see the High-quality Template Website Creation Plan.

For those who wish to request/consult about Vietnam Inspection/Local Interpretation Introduction


We can handle both Vietnam and Japan. Please feel free to contact us!


Japan contact

(052) 569-5750

[Business hours] 9:30-18:30 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


Vietnam contact

(84-28) 7307-8885

[Business hours] 9:30-18:30 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)